All Kinds of Kuchen -- courtesy of Suzy Kuhn

(Zweibel, Kraut, Kartoffel) -- (Onion, Cabbage, Potato)

Yeast dough for one Kuchen:

250 g flour 15-20 g fresh yeast 1 tsp. salt 1/8 liter milk (warm)

40 g margarine (125 ml)

Put yeast in middle of flour. Add enough milk to dissolve. Let it raise 10-15

minutes. Add remaining ingredients and knead. Let dough raise a minimum

of 30 minutes. Then it's ready to roll.


400 g cabbage 400 g sour cream 6 T oil 2 T flour

(finely chopped)

1 egg 1 onion (chopped) salt, pepper


6 onions (chopped) 80 g bacon 400 g sour cream 3 eggs

2 T flour 6 T oil salt, pepper

Preparation: Salt onions and let soften 3 hours or overnight.


400 g potatoes (cooked & riced) 250 g heavy cream 1 T oil 1 T flour

grated cheese (optional for topping)

General Directions:

Roll out dough and put in a "pretty big" greased (use margarine, NOT oil) pan

with low sides. Mix ingredients together and pour or spread on top of dough.

For Kartoffelkuchen, you may add grated cheese. For Zwiebelkuchen, add

bacon on top. Bake at 225o degrees C (normal oven) or 200o C (convection).

Bake for 20-25 minutes or until done. Remove from pan, cut, serve, and eat while


21 November 1989 - Holzgerlingen