Serves 8


4 lbs. lean beef pot roast

1 T. salt

4 med. onions, slice

4 carrots, slice

4 whole cloves

4 peppercorns

8 juniper berries

2 bay leaves

1 c. red wine vinegar

2 c. dry red wine


4 T. butter

4 T. flour

1 T. sugar

4 to 6 gingersnaps, crushed nearly to powder


from Ray Jelesky who substitutes 1-1.5 oz gin for the juniper berries !




Rub salt into meat; place in bowl (not plastic) and add onions, carrots, bay leaves, wine vinegar and red wine. Crush whole cloves, peppercorns and juniper berries slightly and add to mixture. Cover and refrigerate four days to a week, turning meat in marinade daily.


On the day you plan to serve it, remove   the meat from the refrigerator, drain well and sauté in melted hot shortening as you would any pot roast, browning on all sides, in a heavy kettle. Add marinade and bring to a boil, then lower heat and let simmer about 2 ˝ hours. Melt butter, stir in flour and sugar, blend thoroughly and brown well: add to meat mixture. Cover and continue cooking another 1 hour, until meal is tender.


Remove meat to a hot serving platter.  Using a strainer or a finely slotted spoon, remove vegetables and spices from marinade.  Stir crushed gingersnaps into liquid in pan and cook until thickened. Serve with slices of the meat.