Vanilla Sauce – (Sauce Vanille) – from Stephanie on Tahiti Sailing Trip 2009

Use on cooked mahi mahi

French version (measurements by weight)

1-2 cups cr¸me fraiche (lots)
1 Tbsp butter (15 grams)
3 Tbsp (?) shallots (50 grams)
¾ cup dry white wine (15 centi-liter)
4 pods of vanilla (optional)
1 tsp. vanilla powder
salt and pepper

Chop the shallots.
Get the seeds out of the optional vanilla pods (if youÕre not using the pods, omit this step).
Cook shallots slowly in butter until transparent.
Add wine
Add vanilla powder (and seeds)
Reduce until thick (about 5 minutes).
Add cr¸me fraiche.

Serve on grilled or sauteed mahi mahi or other fish or chicken.  We had it with mahi mahi.  Yummy!

Note:  thereÕs no flour added.  Is this correct?